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Curtis Alexander D.D.S. in Kearney, MO

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. It is also crucial to your overall health. That’s why at the practice of Curtis Alexander DDS in Kearney, MO, we provide services that make your teeth look radiant and feel great, too.

We offer affordable services using the latest technology that ensures your comfort. For instance, we use electric drills rather than air-driven drills. Why? Because they’re quieter and gentler. We also use a 3D scanner and high-definition digital x-rays, limiting radiation exposure by up to 90% for our patients.

Whether you’re looking for a cleaning and exam or need implants or crowns, we are the team for you. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family with top-quality dental care using state-of-the-art equipment. We offer ZOOM® Teeth Whitening system and CEREC® crowns, onlays, and veneers. We want you to be proud of your smile because you deserve beautiful and healthy teeth.

Curtis Alexander D.D.S. in Kearney, MO

About Us

Curtis Alexander D.D.S. in Kearney, MO

Dr. Curtis Alexander

Dr. Alexander is a 1988 graduate of UMKC dental school. He and his wife Jane moved to Kearney in 1989. He has been a resident and full-time dentist in Kearney since then. Dr. Alexander has seen a lot of advances in dentistry over the years and particularly enjoys much of the technology that is currently available. Digital x-rays have allowed Dr. Alexander to better diagnose his patients with much less radiation exposure. CEREC® has provided Dr. Alexander with the ability to provide his patients with conservative one-visit crowns, onlays, and veneers without the need for impressions, temporaries, and a second appointment. 3D CT Scans have provided Dr. Alexander with the ability to plan treatment and place dental implants.

Dr. Alexander and Jane have six children. Most are now in college or out on their own.

Dr. Alexander enjoys motorcycles. His passion is seeing God’s creation, and he has toured most of the United States by motorcycle. In 2009, he toured western Canada and southern Alaska. In 2010, he visited the New England states and eastern Canada, including Newfoundland.

Christina, Dental Hygienist - Curtis Alexander D.D.S. in Kearney, MO

Bonnie – Office Manager

Bonnie has 12 years of experience dental assisting and two years of dental office experience. She became Dr. Alexander’s office manager in December 2013. Bonnie lives in Lawson, MO with her husband, Rodney. They have three sons and two dogs. Bonnie enjoys family time, gardening, traveling, and outdoor activities.

Bonnie, Office Manager - Curtis Alexander D.D.S. in Kearney, MO

Christina – Dental Hygienist

Bio coming soon

Curtis Alexander D.D.S. Kearney, MO

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